Open Advising Schedule

Open advising is held in a shared Zoom link, with this password 412922, for all open advising hours.

The open advising schedule is updated each Friday with the following week's information. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out via email to

Thursday, Oct. 14 

  • 4 – 6 p.m. with Suzanne Pullen 

Friday, Oct. 15 

  • Noon – 2 p.m. with Allen Conkle 

Monday, Oct. 18 

  • No open advising on this day

Tuesday, Oct. 19 

  • No open advising on this day

Wednesday, Oct. 20 

  • 8 – 10 a.m. with Suzanne Pullen 

Thursday, Oct. 21 

  • No open advising on this day

Friday, Oct. 22 

  • Noon – 2 p.m. with Allen Conkle 

Karen Rubin with computer and smiling while advising

Undergraduate Advising

Woman advising another student

Degree Progress Report

The Degree Progress Report (DPR) for self advising is a great resource for students to self-advise.The DPR tracks your current progress toward meeting the requirements for General Education and the COMM major. Color coding indicates which requirements are complete, in progress, and not yet complete.

The ARC logo - advising resource center in the College of Liberal & Creative Arts

Advising Resource Center

The College of Liberal & Creative Arts established the student Advising Resource Center (ARC) to provide multiple support services to students. You can receive information regarding requirements for your degree, petitions, financial aid, tutoring, student clubs, events, careers and much more.


Faculty Office Hours and Contact Information

Please contact faculty directly for Zoom meeting links.

Major and minor advising is only offered by faculty indicated as "COMM Advisor" in the far right cell.

Faculty Advisors
Name Title Email Fall Office Hours Advisor Status
Shadee Abdi Assistant Professor By request from TBD COMM Advisor
Fatima Alaoui Graduate Coordinator By request from TBD COMM Advisor
Teddy Albiniak Forensics Director TBD  
Kat Arnolfo Lecturer Faculty TBD  
Robert Boller Lecturer Faculty TBD  
James Boyd Lecturer Faculty TBD  
Allen Conkle Lecturer Faculty TBD  
Victor Coronado Lecturer Faculty TBD  
Colleen Kim Daniher Assistant Professor TBD COMM Advisor
Ashmi Desai Assistant Professor TBD Conflict Resolution Advisor
Deborah Farris Lecturer Faculty TBD  
Ruth Gildea Lecturer Faculty TBD  
Constance Gordon Assistant Professor TBD COMM Advisor
Alexandra Hinck Assistant Professor TBD COMM Advisor
Mark Jones Lecturer Faculty TBD  
Jennifer Kammeyer Lecturer Faculty TBD  
Amy Kilgard Department Chair TBD  
Christopher Koenig Associate Professor TBD COMM Advisor
Omar Kudsi Lecturer Faculty TBD  
Ryan Lescure Lecturer Faculty TBD  
Ben Linzer Lecturer Faculty TBD  
Karen Lovaas Associate Professor TBD COMM Advisor
Marc Martin Lecturer Faculty TBD  
Paloma Mathern Internship Director


COMM Advisor
Samuel McCormick Professor TBD COMM Advisor
Cole McLean Lecturer Faculty TBD  
Gerianne Merrigan Professor TBD COMM Advisor
Angelina Moles Lecturer Faculty TBD  
Meagan Nance Lecturer Faculty TBD  
Miranda Olzman Lecturer Faculty miranda.d.olzman@
Nico Peck Lecturer Faculty TBD  
Evy Pine Lecturer Faculty TBD  
Anastasia Prentiss Lecturer Faculty TBD  
Suzanne Pullen Lecturer Faculty TBD  
Pablo Ramirez Lecturer Faculty TBD  
Matthew Ringard Lecturer Faculty TBD  
Charles Rope Lecturer Faculty TBD  
Sage Russo Lecturer Faculty TBD  
John Ryan Lecturer Faculty TBD  
Orion Steele Lecturer Faculty TBD  
Joseph Tuman Professor TBD COMM Advisor
Jade Tumazi Lecturer Faculty TBD  
Paul Wangsvick Lecturer Faculty TBD  
Leah Wingard Undergraduate Advising Coordinator TBD COMM Advisor
Timothy Wolcott Lecturer Faculty TBD  
Gust Yep Professor TBD COMM Advisor