Headshot of Susan Shimanoff

Susan Shimanoff

Email: shimanof@sfsu.edu
Location: HUM 123

Please consult your course syllabus or contact the instructor directly for office hours.

Susan B. Shimanoff joined the SFSU faculty in 1986 and each year she is very grateful that this is her academic home. Teaching has always been her first love though she has also served as a Department Chair and an Associate Dean. She is the author of an awarding winning book on communication rules and other publications related to gender and communication. Before joining the faculty, she asked others why they had made SFSU their academic home. They had many reasons, but each of them said SFSU students were their first reason. Susan agrees with their assessment. SFSU students are the highlight of her educational experiences. She has taught courses related to gender and communication, small group communication, and public speaking, but her favorite course is COMM 554: Performance of Children’s Literature, a course she created and will be teaching again starting in spring 2024.