Minor in Communication Studies

The undergraduate program allows students to both explore the breadth of the communication studies field as well as focus on their unique interests. Communication Studies minors provide students the opportunity to understand our world more fully through communication and to make our world a better place by applying that understanding.

Minor in Communication Studies

Effective communication enhances personal and professional relationships. Employers identify effective communication skills as the No. 1 criterion for hiring or promotion. What is more, our multicultural society requires knowledge and appreciation of diverse communication styles. A minor in Communication Studies can provide valuable knowledge and skills in these and other areas.

Requirements for a Minor in Communication Studies

Students pursuing a minor in Communication Studies must take three courses (12 units), each of which is from a different area; select 8 additional units with approval of a minor advisor. 

With the consent of an advisor, up to 8 units of lower division coursework in communication may be counted toward the minor. However, any course that is used to fulfill GE Areas A and B4 requirements (formerly GE Segment I) cannot be used to fulfill minor requirements. 

All course work used to satisfy the requirements of the minor must be completed with a minimum grade point average of 2.0. 

View additional information for the Minor in Communication Studies via SFSU Bulletin.

To declare a Communication Studies minor, please download the Minor Declaration Form (PDF) and visit an advisor.