Past Master's Thesis Projects

Following the approval of a written proposal (including a literature review of the topic, outline of the proposed method of study and rationale for each), the student works to conduct and write the thesis with the consultation and guidance of the chair and the thesis committee. Research that involves human participants will likely require advance approval of the SF State Institutional Review Board.

Name Title Yearsort icon Call Number
Gorthy, Michelle Kathleen The rhetoric of rain forests in the environmental movement — A narrative criticism [microform] Microfiche Archives/Special Collections, library has mircrofiche only
Nabulsi, Mira AB Social Movements In The Age of Globalization and ICT: A Critical Reading of the BDS MOvements Boycott of Sodastream 2015 xx
Wen, Hua-Chia The Relationship Between Public's Logo Perceptions and Customer Loyalty 2013 xx
Nalos, David Personal Perspectives of Illness for Individuals Managing HIV Status 2013 xx
Magat, Jonathan Performing ‘Asia SF’: Complicating Trans Performances 2013 xx
Foster, Jamie Technology’s Impact on the Dialectical Tensions in Romantic Relationships 2013 xx
Gildea, Ruth Let’s Talk about Sex! 2012 xx
Young, Evan Christoper Attributes of Recycling as an Innovation and Environmental Knowledge, Talk and Activism 2011 xx
Logan, Holly The unexpected diagnosis of Down syndrome: What communication behaviors produce Satisfaction 2011 xx
Hardy, Jennifer Elizabeth Adult Sibling and Communication After Parental Death: A Relational Dialectics Perspective 2011 xx
Kasian, Michael K Increased Media Choice and Self-Censorship: the Challenge of Complacency 2010 xx
Karch, Pamela A Neoliberal Lens: Mainstream Appropriation and Re-representation of Kabbalah and Kabbalistic Artifacts 2010 xx
Cruz, Stewart M. Linkages That Oppress: Immigration, Terrorism and Latinos in Presidential Discourses Post-9/11 2010 xx
Lawless, Brandi J. Moving Up in Class? A Study of College Students’ Transition to Academia 2009 xx
Hyon, Lise Sex-talk Between Asian American College Students and Their Parent(s): Communication and Sexual Behavior 2009 xx
Cole, Hayley Jeanne Issue Ownership in the 2008 General Election 2009 xx
Zaytseva, Olga Perceptions of Russian Women on Feminism 2008 xx
Woods, Matt Online Performances 2008 xx
Kammeyer, Jennifer Applying Cognitive Processing Theory and Multimedia Learning Principles to Power Point: Will Learning Increase? 2008 xx
Moe, Patrick William Versatility: An Online Critical Ethnography. 2007 AS36 2007 SPCH.M64
Baker, Julie J. Shaping the Global Culture: A Content Analysis of Corporate Social Responsibility Reports 2007 xx
Albiniak, Teddy A Social Geography of Castro and Market 2007 xx
Panella, A.C. Me and My Bike: An (Anti-auto) Ethnography About the Discourse Limits of Community 2006 AS36 2006 SPCH.P36
Mair, Jennifer Jeanne Transformation by Fire: A CMM analysis of world altering experiences an Burningman 2006 AS36 2006 SPCH.M35
Ochoa Camacho, Ariana Chisme fresco! a critical ethnography of microresistance and microtransformation by Latina immigrants. 2006 AS36 2006 SPCH.O24
Oumli, Kenza The Construction of Arab and Muslim Identity in The New York Times Newspaper 2006 xx
Bean, Dawn V. The good, the bad and the ugly: The introduction of dialogic practice to performance management reviews and appraisals in organizations. 2005 AS36 2005 .B43
Pogosian, Karen Georgia Once Upon a Reality Show: Relational Messages Communicated on the Bachelor 2004 AS36 2004 SPCH.P64
Pascual, Maria Rogers Communicating across multiple frontiers: negotiating discourses of identity and difference in an immigrant rights organization. 2004 AS36 2004 SPCH.T46
Lynn, Martha G. Defending Nations, Otherness, and Freedom: Normalizing State Disciplinary Power in the War on Terror 2004 AS35 2004 SPCH.L96
Jacobs, Jeanne Marie Workplace Communication: Are Educators and Employers Like Ships Passing in the Night 2004 AS36 2004 SPCH.J33
Smith, Natalia Muslim Bodies: Representations, Resistance and the Use of the Female Body in Art 2004 xx
Suh, Yehwa Invisible Ethnicity and Identity Negotiations of Koreans in Japan 2003 AS36 2003 SPCH.S84
Ryu, Ji-Myung A Critique of Communication Competence in Basic Course Texts: A Dialogic Alternative 2002 AS36 2002 SPCH.R98
Barbagelata, Jana Exploring the construction of multicultural identities: The case of Japanese American internment. 2001 AS36 2001 SPCH .B37
Matsushita, Seiji Yukio Mishima: Rhetorical suicide that reveals his philosophical argument about the beauty of ruin. 2000 AS36 2000 SPCH .M37
Shonfeldt-Aultman, Scott Day of Reconciliation: Site of representation/Negotiation of South African identities 2000 AS36 2000 SPCH .S36
Chien, Wei-Te The funny bosses: An examination of the relationship between humor and leadership. 2000 AS36 2000 SPCH .C4
Glenn, Cathy B. Rage against the machine: Contested ideologies in San Francisco's political culture. 2000 AS36 2000 SPCH .G536
Sano, Kaori Reentry transition: Identity and communication readjustment of Japanese sojourner students. 1999 AS36 1999 SPCH .S26
Matsumura, Yumiko Functions of humor: The United States and Japan perspective. 1999 AS 36 1999 SPCH .M377
Ozeki, Keiko American and Japanese subordinates' perceptions of information adequacy in Japanese organizations. 1998 AS36 1998 SPCH .O93.
Ogura, Mamiko Academic expectation gaps between U.S. American teachers and Japanese students in EFL classrooms 1998 AS36 1998 SPCH .O38.
Chiramberro, Jean-Luc An Ethnography of speaking: Three Basque speech events in the United States. 1998 AS36 1998 SPCH .C447.
Bruno, Julie Diane Crisis at the refinery: Strategies of restoring image and reestablishing social legitimacy. 1998 AS 1998 SPCH .B786.
Yoshida, Yuko Morimoto Effectiveness and appropriateness of performance feedback messages. 1998 AS36 1998 SPCH .Y673.
Yoshimura, Stephen Mark The effects of commitment level, transgression severity, and gender on relational accommodation in dating relationships. 1997 AS36 1997 SPCH .Y67.
Linger, Warren Putting immediacy to work: Training teachers to use immediacy behaviors in their classrooms. 1997 AS36 1997 SPCH .L56.
Kanter, Devora The effects of corporate volunteer programs on employee organizational identification. 1997 AS36 1997 SPCH .K36.
Lee, Yi-Kuan Women, power, and autonomy: Women rhetors in the Taiwanese independence movement. 1996 AS36 1996 SPCH .L43.
Correia, Kristin Gatto Teacher immediacy and student communication apprehension: The moderation principle. 1995 AS36 1995 SPCH .C677.
Woodworth, Maria Re-thinking HIV prevention counseling: Women's experiences. 1995 AS36 1995 SPCH .W663.
Al-Shamma, Kate Yust The effects of evaluative and non-evaluative feedback on performance creativity. 1995 AS36 1995 SPCH .A473.
Kessler, Raymond Albert Beyond "smile sheets": Evaluating a presentation skills training program for industry. 1995 AS36 1995 SPCH .K477.
Harris, Silvia The glass ceiling: Executive women in the corporate environment. 1995 AS36 1995 SPCH .H37.
Margillo, Gina Ann Safe sex communication and power: African American women and HIV prevention. 1995 AS36 1995 SPCH.M37.
Fukumura, Yoko Culture and gender in assertiveness and restraint among Japanese and Americans. 1995 AS36 1995 SPCH .F84.
Carrion, John Cipriano The rhetoric of governor Mario Cuomo-- A metaphoric criticism. 1994 AS36 1994 SPCH.C37.
Shide, Ellen Communication rules coorientation in interethnic superior/subordinate dyads. 1994 AS36 1994 SPCH.S43.
Seki, Kyoko The conceptualization of intimacy and its expression in Japan and the U.S. 1994 AS36 1994 SPCH.S44.
Fujiwara, Rei Sentence-final particles, gender, and Japanese TV newscasters-A content analysis. 1994 AS36 1994 SPCH.F84.
Takeuchi, Sachiko Communication readjustment processes among Japanese upon reentry to Japan. 1994 AS36 1994 SPCH.T34.
Brewster, Lisa Gender differences on relational maintenance behaviors. 1994 AS36 1994 SPCH.B373.
Tomioka, Michiko How Japanese and Americans present themselves in their initial encounters. 1994 AS36 1994 SPCH.T656.
Hahn, Laura Katherine Inherent value and domination-- Rhetoric of the animal rights and welfare movements. 1994 AS36 1994 SPCH.H336.
Holling, Michelle A. La virgen o la malinche-- Rhetorical tension in the Chicana feminist movement. 1994 AS36 1994 SPCH.H644.
Adams, Barbara Charles Freer Andrews--A rhetorical force in the Indian independence movement. 1994 AS36 1994 SPCH.A325.
Lin, Ching-Hsiu Sophie The evaluation of messages based on attributed sex by artists and nonartists. 1993 AS36 1993 SPCH.L56.
Galizio, Lawrence Anthony The 1992 presidential debates and the ethos of Ross Perot. 1993 AS36 1993 SPCH.G344.
Truch, Nina Jolene Cooperate, negotiate, or punch: Children's styles of conflict resolution. 1993 AS36 1993 SPCH.T78x.
Lindsley, Sheryl Lynn Anglo American and Mexican communication of love among married couples. 1992 AS36 1992 SPCH.L54x.
Abbey, Diane The Elmwood Institute and the ecological paradigm: Principles and practices. 1992 AS36 1992 SPCH.A223x.
Frey, Mark R. Metaphoric disposition based on gender and culture: A generative typology. 1992 AS36 1992 SPED.F749x.
Coltman, Todd Matthew Japanese cultural values: A content analysis of modern political rhetoric. 1992 AS36 1992 SPCH.C655x.
Lilliston, James G. The rhetoric of Time: A narrative exploration. 1992 AS36 1992 SPCH.L56x.
Hemmick, Rebecca Malcolm Emergency physicians' communication skills: A needs assessment and an andragogical model. 1992 AS36 1992 SPCH.H45x.
Byrne, Brigid Jo-Ann Women's dress in the workplace: A study of professional and executive women's clothing behaviors as a communication variable. 1992 AS36 1992 SPCH.B97x.
Vitug, Lalaine S. How Filipino accented speakers' self-esteem and communicative style affect each other. 1991 AS36 1991 SPCH.V57x.
Taylor, Phyllis Lynne Impact of foreign accent on job attitudes of Chinese speakers of English. 1991 AS36 1991 SPCH.T39x.
Burns, Kenneth Charles The rhetoric of Christology : A content analysis of texts which discuss Titus 2:13. 1991 AS36 1991 SPCH.B87x.
Jimenez, N. Barbara Church and state in conflict: On saying "no" to the sanctuary movement. 1991 AS36 1991 SPCH.J55x.
Hearn, Ralene An analysis of the communicative functions of a Swaggart Ministries telecast. 1991 AS36 1991 SPCH.H42x.
Wilensky, Jill Anne Such a pretty face: An examination of compliments and criticisms received by women involved in the weight loss process. 1991 AS36 1991.W54x.
Asai, Akiko Boundaries of the unconscious, private, and public self in Japanese and Americans: A cross-cultural comparison. 1990 AS36 1990 SPCH.A82x.
Milan, Sharon Ann Learning public speaking skills with the help of interactive multimedia: A quantitative study of comparison between individuals, dyads and triads. 1990 AS36 1990 SPCH.M534x.
Thorne, Marilyn G The ordination of women rabbis. 1990 AS36 1990 SPCH.T567x.
Rowe, Karen C. Intervention strategies for communication apprehension in public communication settings: A needs assessment. 1990 AS36 1990 SPCH.R68x.
Lokey, Eva Tania Lashon ha-ra, "evil tongue" : gossip as forbidden speech in a religious women's study group. 1990 AS36 1990 SPCH.L64x.
Opffer, Elenie Elizabeth Coming out to students. 1990 AS36 1990 SPCH.O63x.
Taylor, Jennifer Robyn Communication strategies of a grass-roots political campaign. 1989 AS36 1989.T39x.
Egolf, Jennifer A. An examination of synchronous, emphatic movements in collegiate forensic speakers. 1989 AS36 1989.E355x.
Bunger, Robert James An examination of two San Francisco radio news and information stations. 1989 AS36 1989.B86x.
King, Holly West Art as a rhetorical process: Bay Area artists and the Peace Movement. 1989 AS36 1989.K56x.
Diesel, Carol A. Friendship communication: A needs assessment and a pedagogical model. 1989 AS36 1989.D53x.
Giertz, John Bruce Value debate for the high school student in the Lincoln-Douglas format. 1988 AS36 1988.G53x.
Wang, Mei-ling Thalia The New York Times' coverage of Nixon's trip to China from February 14 to March 6, 1972. 1988 AS36 1988.W366x.
Devenish, Linda Yvonne A relocation company: An analysis of the climate and culture of a changing organization in terms of its degree of openness. 1987 AS36 1987.D48x.
Saiki, Takehiko Interpersonal persuasion in Japan and the United States: A study of persuasive strategy selection. 1987 AS36 1987.S25x.
Toft, Donna Lynn A Burkeian analysis: Geraldine Ferraro's nomination acceptance speech. 1986 AS36 1986.T64x.
South, Marilyn Page The first months: Problems of Indonesian and Japanese students adjusting to the American culture. 1986 AS36 1986.S59x.
Wallace, Brian Gerard Mario Cuomo's keynote address at the 1984 Democratic National Convention: A values analysis. 1986 AS36 1986.W26x.
Hepler, Brenda Anderson The relationship of construct permeability and attraction to difference with implications for intercultural communication. 1986 AS36 1986.H46x.
Oh, Young-Jeh "Generous to their own hurt": Generous acts in Korea and the United States. 1984 AS36 1984.O49x.
Araki, Shoko The management of compliments by Japanese and Americans 1982 AS36 1982 .A72x
Lovaas, Karen Elizabeth Male and female made He them: An analysis of the Genesis creation myths. 1980 AS36 1980.L68x.
Cobb, Erma Lee Afro-American women in television: 1970's. 1980 AS36 1980.C625x.
Bohme, Patricia A Bitzerian analysis of the patriarchial rhetoric of Neitzsche 1980 AS36 1980 .b64.
Leeman, Michael Ernest. An analysis of organizational change: A two-year longitudinal case study. 1980 AS36 1980 .L435x.
Nomura, Naoki Patterns of interpersonal criticism in Japan and the United States. 1980 AS36 1980.N66x.
Wilson, Neil Emory Intrapersonal communication differences between marijuana users and non-users. 1976 AS36 1976 .W558x.
Hippely, John Francis Intrapersonal communication : a concept & model. 1973 AS36 1973 .H57x.
Ellis, Arthur Cadwallader An action-centered semantic model. 1971 AS36 1971.E554x.
Portolan, Janet Susan How values affect communication: A study of the values and communication of the counter culture. 1971 AS36 1971.P67x.
Ahern, James Michael Francis Communication in juries: A study of decision-making in different sized groups. 1971 AS36 1971.A34x.
Lonner, Thomas Dunstan A case study inquiry into effective doctor-patient communications. 1970 AS36 1970.L65x.
Phalen, Paul Ward Self-disclosure, self-distortion and interpersonal communications. 1970 AS36 1970.P42x.
Kjelson, Sigrid Mary Catharsis through communication. 1970 AS36 1970.K57x.
Zeuschner, Raymond F. The effect of non-discursive communication on the content of attitudes. 1968 AS36 1968.Z49x.
White, Isabel Loring The informal communication within Alcoholics Anonymous may be the principal factor in successful affiliation. 1968 AS36 1968 .W556x
McFarland, James C. The communicative aspects of multiplex cognitive structure. 1968 AS36 1968.M25x.
Litvin, Joel Peter An exploratory study of some relationships between self concept and oral communication 1968 AS36 1968 .L58x
Bailey, H. Robert Anxiety in interpersonal communication 1968 AS36 1968 .B35x
Condon John Carl A Representative Bibliography Of General Semantics And Communication Theory, 1920-1960 1960 AS36 1960 .C66x