Major in Communication Studies

The Communication Studies Department wants majors to have information that will enhance their studies at San Francisco State University.

Requirements for a B.A. in Communication Studies

Students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies must complete a 40-unit program consisting of 6 units of lower-division COMM requirements and 34 units of upper-division COMM requirements, including electives and the senior seminar. Students must also fulfill the Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR) within the first eight units of their upper-division study, and a program of complementary studies in addition to their upper-division GE work.  Please refer to the SFSU Bulletin for a breakdown of a B.A. in Communication Studies. 

1. Required lower-division Introductory Courses in COMM [COMM course #'s 100-299 ]: 6 units  

All Communication Studies majors are required to take two lower division COMM courses, including transfer students and upper-division standing students. Students who transfer to SFSU with an AA or AA-T will be able to use the lower division courses from their AA that did not fulfill lower-division GE requirements.  

2. Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR) [COMM course #'s 300-399 ]: 4 units 

All Communication Studies majors are required to take a GWAR course within the first 8 units of their upper-divison study. Failure to complete GWAR with a grade of “C” or better in the first eight units will result in a registration block that can only be lifted with advising. GWAR courses can occasionally be taken outside of the Communication Studies Department. Please meet with an advisor if you have questions regarding GWAR. 

2.   Required upper-division courses in COMM 

  • Social Contexts & Interaction [COMM course #'s 500-549 ]: 8 units 
  • Rhetoric & Performance [COMM course #'s 550-600 ]: 8 units 
  • Communication Inquiry [COMM course #'s 661-664 ]: 4 units

3.   Electives [COMM course ALL #s ]: 8 units

Our department will accept up to 8 units of lower-division communication studies transfer courses (not including COMM 150 or its equivalent). If you transferred to SFSU and have more than 6 lower-division units in COMM, you can count up to 2 units toward electives. Electives can be fulfilled in any combination of upper division COMM courses with either Forensics (COMM 368), Projects in Teaching Communication (COMM 685), Internship (COMM 695) and/or Independent Study (COMM 699). COMM 685, COMM 695 or COMM 699 cannot be repeated for credit in the major.

4. Senior Seminar in Communication Studies [COMM 670]: 2 units