Faculty Accomplishments


Please join us in congratulating Dr. Sam McCormick on his receipt of the 2014 Franklyn S. Haiman award for Distinguished Scholarship in Freedom of Expression! This honor is one that lauds a career of excellent work and was celebrated at the National Communication association's 100th annual convention in Chicago (August, 2014).


Dr. Sam McCormick's recent essay, "Arguments from Analogy and Beyond: The Persuasive Artistry of Local American Civic Life," will appear in the next issue of the Quarterly Journal of Speech.

One of Dr. McCormick's invited lectures, "The Rhetoric of Humility: Persuasive Artistry between Old Comedy and Ethical Crime," is now in press at the Journal of Communication & Culture. 

Dr. McCormick recently shared portions of his new book project, "Everyday Talk: A Conceptual History," at the American Studies Fulbright Institute for German Scholars here at SFSU. 

Gust A. Yep had his article "Talking back: Shifting the discourse of deficit to a pedagogy of cultural wealth of international instructors in U.S. classrooms" recently published in New Directions for Teaching and Learning, a interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal with a focus on pedagogical theory and practice. The essay, which appeared in Vol. 138, pp. 83-91, proposes a different paradigm for thinking about international instructors in the U.S. academy.

Gust A. Yep and Ryan Lescure co-authored a short essay on marginalized populations, which was recently published in the Encyclopedia of Health Communication (Sage Publications). The volume was edited by Teresa Thompson.

Gust A. Yep and Ryan Lescure had their article entitled "The practice of normativities in everyday life" recently accepted for publication in Queer Praxis: Questions for LGBTQ Worldmaking (to be published by Peter Lang in 2015). The collection was edited by Jason Zingsheim & Dusty Goltz and includes essays by Dan Brouwer, Aimee Carrillo Rowe, Kimberlee Perez, and Chuck Morris, among others.

Finally, Gust A. Yep had his article "Toward thicker intersectionalities: Theorizing, researching, and activating the complexities of communication and identities" accepted for publication in Globalizing intercultural communication: A reader (to be published by Sage Publications in 2015). The collection was edited by Kathryn Sorrells and Sachi Sekimoto and includes essays by Bryant Alexander, Gordon Nakagawa, Lily Mendoza, Mark Orbe, and Mary Jane Collier, among others.

News from the Academic Senate

Communication Studies Professor Susan Shimanoff presented a preliminary report from the Graduation Requirements Task Force that focused on the development of educational goals for the baccalaureate. The Senate then passed a resolution endorsing the educational goals, which can be found at the Graduation Requirements Website
Source: CampusMemo - Volume 55, Number 26 March 17, 2008

The Academic Senate has elected the members of the University Search Committee for dean of undergraduate studies. The members are:

  • Deborah van Dommelen, director, Learning Assistance Center
  • Shawn Whalen, coach specialist, communication studies
  • Carmen Domingo, associate professor, biology

Source: Campus Memo, Volume 55, Number 6 September 17, 2007