Past Creative Work Projects

Creative work projects provide students an embodied way (e.g., a public performance, a training workshop) of investigating and analyzing a topic in communication studies. Topics are chosen by the student according to interests and academic experience and career goals. Following the approval of a written proposal (including literature review, proposed creative work, rationale), the student works to create a tangible project with the consultation and guidance of the chair of the creative work project, and sometimes other committee members.

Name Title Year
Chacon, Joven Graphic Fiction as Communication Studies Method 2013
Conkle, Allen My Life as a Bunny: Disidentification, Interpellation, and Survival 2013
Olzman, Miranda Becoming Publicly Fat and Femme: How Fat Bodies Queer Femininity in Performance 2013
Burns, Marlon Zombie Intervention 2012
Christianson, Erik Labor Unions: Power and the People 2012
Cis, Sylvia Couples living with ALS: Managing challenges and maintaining relationship 2012
Flores, Esmeralda Xochitl A CMM Performance of Chicana Women Who Choose Not to Have Children: “Niños? No gracias/Kids? No thanks.” 2012
Boyd, James Pieces of 8: Exploring the Intersubjective Autoethnographic Narrative Performance 2011
Davila, Ana Stories of Interracial/Interethnic Romantic Relationships 2011
Seeche, Tivela Lyme Disease: Patients’ Empowerment and Social Justice Activism through the Internet 2011
Willoughly, Katelyn Community Capacity Building through Social Media: A Case Study 2011
Lim, Julie Moving, Death, Divorce 2010
Pullen, Suzanne Giving Birth to Death: An Ethnographic Performance Exploring Stillbirth Memorable Messages 2010
Chandler, Vincent Complicate(d) and trouble(d) 2009
Fine, Hunter Spatial Movement — A Psychogeographical Exploration of Everyday Spatial Constraints 2008
Hawkins, Robert Indie Rock, Whiteness and The Mixed Experience 2008
Litzky, Alexis Mourning Activism: Vanguard Politics After All the Words Have Been Said 2008
Steele, Nathan Traversing the Taboo: Crossing Bridges and/or Making Connections 2008
Brassey, Dom Sisters Rise 2007
Kooken, Marianne Hand-Me-Downs: A Study On Gender Identity Across Generations 2007
Pippins, Eileen “Mama Use to Say ...” Explicit and Implicit Messages of Empowerment and Achievement from African-American Mothers to Their Daughters 2007
Moran, Rebeca A Workshop for Faculty: Mentoring Under-represented (Or is it Unrecognized?) Students in Higher Education 2006
Phalen, Shannon Training Our Future Leaders: A Leadership Workshop for Female Adolescents 2006
Warda, Christine Now You See Me, Now You Don’t 2005
Cheng, Ka Yun Introducing Solution Focused Therapy nto Community Board’s Model of Mediation 2005
Cressler, Mary Addressing Relational Aggression in Young Girls: A Workshop for Adult Educators 2005
Ottoboni-Stahl, Gina The Animals Can Talk: Media Mis/Representations and Lived Experiences of the ‘Criminal Other’ 2005
Warda, Christina Now You See Me, Now You Don’t: A Critical Performance Ethnography Exploring Performances of Homelessness 2005
Whitechurch, Marina Nothin’ In My Closet But Clothes: An Examination of Femme Lesbian Identity Through Performance 2005
Cheng, Ka Yun Introducing Solution Focused Therapy into Community Boards’s Model of Mediation 2005
Gray, Miriam F. Outreach for Survival: A Training Manual 2004
Paolini, Gary Capturing the Fine Weave: A Visual Exploration of Social Capital at Work 2004
Roquemore, Demetrius Diversity Sensitivity Training for College Athletics Coaches 2004
Wynkoop, Ruth Women Who Run with Words Handbook: A Creative Writing Group Approach to Dialogue 2004
Turner Jones, Justine Quite the Perfect Blend: A Resource Guide Affirming the Multiracial Experience 2003
Araki, Haruna A Workshop to Reduce Sexual Harassment in the Japanese Workplace 2003
Lie, Helen Balancing Theory and Practice in Voice Training 2000
Blackstone, Debra A Department Spins Its Own Website 2000
Arenivar, Sam Improving Speaking Confidence Workshop 2000
Rope, Charles Gays in the Workplace: A Workshop on Responding to a Coming Out Disclosure at Work 1997
Isarasakdi, Kulakanya Negotiation During Conflict Training Program for the United Nations Personnel Staff 1996
Roe, Gallo “Normal vs. Natural”: An Intensive Workshop on Optimal Health 1996
Freitas, Albert Sexual Diversity Communication Training for Parents of Teens 1996
Borg, Sonia Identifying the Needs/Concerns of Graduate Teaching Associates 1996
Shapiro, Brian Americans on Line: Voices of Computerized Age 1995
MacKinney, Ross Using Creation Stories to Explore World View: A Critical Thinking Teaching Module 1995
Cardella, Sara Rosaria Sexual Harassment: Live on Tape! 1995
Bray, William Police Conflict Intervention: A Training Program 1994
Haskvitz, Sylvia People Skills, Creative Conflict, Compassionate Resolutions: Learn Conflict Resolution Skills 1993
Kinsella, Susan Recycled Paper: Communicating an Innovation Requiring Social Change 1990
Moura, Neil Old Friends: An Examination of Disconfirmation in Intergenerational Communication Through Fictional Literature 1988
Fernandes, Charles Situational Leadership: An Approach for the Air Force Officer 1985
Malone, Eileen The Employee Magazine as a Channel of Communication in a Corporate Structure 1983
Lee, Ida Born to Live: A Teledrama Adaptation, A TV Production, TV Acting and a Process Critique 1982
Emunah, Renee The Use of Improvisational Performance in Psychiatric Facilities 1979