Ready to Graduate in May or August 2019?

Here is what you need to do:

1.    Find the graduation application form on the SFSU Registrar's website. You will need to complete a Senior Exit Survey before you can access graduation application (Helpful note: Grad app will open in a new window so make sure you disable pop-up blockers). 

2.    Fill out the form:

a.     On page 2, list the COMM courses that you took for your major. This may include lower-division COMM courses from community college.

b.     Then, list courses you took to fulfill Complementary Studies. See the back of a COMM B.A. Planner, available outside HUM 289, for details about the CS requirement.

c.     If you need help filling out your application, visit drop-in advising at the Advising Resource Center (ARC) in HUM 110, available Monday through Thursday, 10-noon and 2-4 p.m. Or sign up for a Graduation Application workshop at LCA. For a complete list of dates and times and to register visit

3.    Graduation applications are due Feb. 15th 2019. Please bring your completed application to a COMM adviser for review and signature as soon as possible!

4.    After your application has been signed by a COMM adviser:

a.     Pay the $100 fee at the Bursar’s office, and ask them to stamp “paid” right on the application form.

b.    Then bring your signed, paid application form to the COMM Department Office (HUM 289) for our Department Chair’s signature.