Applying for Graduation

As with all University policies, deadlines are specified each term in the University Calendar. The application form, available at the Division of Graduate Studies, requires payment of a graduation fee at the Cashier’s Office, after which the department chair and College of Liberal & Creative Arts graduate coordinator must sign this form. A copy of the Advancement to Candidacy (ATC) form and an unofficial transcript must accompany the application. Eligibility for graduation at this point includes verification that the student is properly classified and has an ATC on file.

The Division of Graduate Studies will not approve applications for graduation for a specific semester until all graduation requirements have been met, including completion of all coursework and filing of the Report of Completion of Specified Graduate Requirements form that documents the completion of the culminating experience. If a candidate does not graduate in the semester as planned, she or he must reapply and be reconsidered in a subsequent semester. No more than seven years can elapse between the start of the term of the earliest dated course on the ATC and the date the last course is completed and the application for graduation has been submitted.

To be eligible for graduation, several forms must be submitted throughout your course of study to both the Communication Studies Department and the University. Most of the University forms can be found online at the Division of Graduate Studies.

University Forms for Graduate Study

  1. Advancement to Candidacy (ATC) form for Communication Studies
  2. Proposal for Culminating Experience
  3. Protocol Approval Form – Human Subjects (PAF)
  4. Report of Completion of Specified Graduate Program Requirements
  5. Application for Graduation