Advancement to Candidacy (ATC)

The ATC form describes the student’s coursework and planned culminating experience. This form is filed one semester before the student plans to graduate. For example, the ATC must be filed in fall if graduation is planned for the following Spring (see Deadlines). The ATC form is approved and signed by the department graduate coordinator and the student’s primary adviser for the culminating experience.

Students generally file the ATC and Culminating Experience forms at the same time; this may be as early as their third semester. Any changes in the courses made after filing the ATC will require an ATC Substitution form to reflect the updated courses. Students admitted to the program conditionally must have satisfied any conditions before an ATC from can be approved.

While the Division of Graduate Studies has specific filing dates listed for the ATC and culminating experience each semester, the department’s deadline for filing is always two weeks before the Graduate Studies’s deadline. All University forms must be typed.