For Employers

Thank you for your interest in thinking about offering an internship to Communication Studies students. Current majors that are Junior and Seniors are eligible to earn  academic elective credit by registering for COMM 695: Internship in Communication Studies. Students must complete 120 internship hours within the semester they are registered for the class. 


Starting in the fall 2018 semester all internship sites must  be University-approved. SF State Senate Policy S17-278 indicates that all organizations must complete the appropriate risk management steps to host a student for an academic internship course. If you would like to have an SFSU intern at your organization, you will need to first be registered at our online database, ULink. The Institute for Civic and Community Engagement (ICCE) will follow up with you in less than 48 hours to guide you to next steps to get you University-approved.


Should you have any questions about offering an internship and the different ways one can post an opportunity, please you can contact our Internship Director, Paloma Mathern at