About the Department

From the Chair

In Communication Studies, you will find a faculty devoted to teaching excellence, scholarly contributions, and engagement with students. Our faculty and students are inspired by the many ways that communication influences, describes and makes our social worlds, and we work toward social justice in our scholarship and classrooms.

Our department offers a Master of Arts (M.A.), Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), and Minor in Communication Studies. We also support an interdisciplinary Conflict Resolution Certificate Program. And, we house and sponsor a nationally ranked speech and debate team—for which we welcome involvement from across the campus on the team.

We also have an amazing office staff. Donna Smith is our Department's Administrative Analyst, Heidi Ng is our Administrative Support Coordinator and graduate program assistant, Stacie Guan is our Administrative Support Assistant. Please feel free to visit the office and say hello or bring any of your questions to us!

Christina Sabee, Department Chair
Tel: 415-338-1597 Email: comm@sfsu.edu

Multiple Perspectives and Voices

The Department takes a multifaceted approach to the study of communication. We offer a rich array of courses which address the full spectrum of human communication. We respect multiple languages, cultures, communication styles, and perspectives, and we value diverse voices. We welcome your voice.

Facts About the Department

A Recent Snapshot

  • 13: Tenure and Tenure-Track Faculty
  • 30: Lecturers
  • 10: Teaching Associates
  • 800: Approximate Undergraduate Majors
  • 25: Approximate Graduate Students
  • 2: Graduate Assistants
  • 5: Average Graduate Courses per Semester
  • 39: Average Undergraduate Upper Division Courses per Semester:
  • Communication Studies is the second-largest department in the College of Liberal & Creative Arts in terms of the number of students taught, and the third-largest in terms of the number of faculty and number of BA degrees awarded.
  • In recent years, Communication Studies was among the top ten programs to grant the B.A. degree at SF State.
  • Communication Studies is an impacted program, effective Fall 2014.

Why Study Communication at SF State?

  • Employers identify effective communication skills as the number one criterion for hiring.
  • Our multicultural society requires knowledge and appreciation of diverse communication styles.
  • Democracy depends on participants who can communicate effectively with others.
  • Important values are communicated in speeches, stories, and other oral performances.
  • Communication affects how we view the world around us.
  • Effective communication enhances personal and professional relationships.
  • Communication influences what others think of us and how we perceive ourselves.